Induction/Dinner Status (updated 6/10/2020)

June 10, 2020


There continues to be uncertainty around the COVID-19 issue and the necessary steps to minimize risk. We were informed by the Inverness Club that some food services would not be available and that a limited number of tables could be set up if the event were to proceed in September of 2020.

Our staff has made the determination that we cannot move forward with our event on the rescheduled date of September 12, 2020. Therefore, we have again rescheduled the event. The event is now scheduled for April 17, 2021 at the Inverness Club.

The Hall of Fame Staff has worked very hard on this event and the new nominees are so deserving of their night of recognition. However, the health and welfare of the attendees, nominees and food service workers involved is our utmost concern.

​We urge you all to take care of yourself and family, and heed the advice given by the medical professionals. Remain positive and we will get through this together. Once a Polar Bear, always a Polar Bear.  God Bless you and Keep you and this great nation of ours.

Thank you for your understanding.


©2020 Woodward Alumni Hall of Fame

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