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Our Colors - Royal Blue and White

When Central Catholic entered the Toledo City League in 1928 there was a problem. Woodward's colors were Blue and White. At that time Central Catholic's colors were also Blue and White. The league officials did not want to have two teams with the same colors. It was decided that the winner of a football game between the two schools would determine who got to keep their Blue and White colors. Woodward won the game.

This information was provided to us from 1972 graduate Bruce Birr, who is also a 2023 Hall of Fame inductee. We found verification of this story on the Central Catholic website.

From the Central website...
The original color of Central Catholic were blue and white. However, Toledo Woodward had already chosen those colors, so the use of the colors was played over a football game. CCHS lost that game and had to change their colors. The school chose scarlet and gray.

Alma Mater Woodward High School,

Colors White and Blue.

Polar Bear we claim as mascot,

Proud we are of you.

Lift our colors to the heavens,

Let them wave on high.

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater,

Hail to Woodward High!

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