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Veterans Memorial

MS. Camilla Savage Woodward High School English teacher wrote Woodward High School’s first official History and in that history Ms. Savage wrote about those G.I.’s that returned to school after the war and the plaque that honored those who did not.

“Back to school came thirty-five veterans in September, 1946. They were enjoying the advantages of the G. I. Bill of Rights. But sixty-seven veterans did not return, and it was to these boys that Woodward High School paid solemn tribute on October 20, at the unveiling of a bronze plaque bearing their names." Attending the memorial services were the families and friends of Woodward students and alumni, who had given their lives during the war, as well as a number of servicemen.

Principal LaRue opened the ceremony and Grove Patterson, editor of the Toledo Blade delivered the main address, in which he said, “Those who gave their lives in World War II will not have died in vain, if their sacrifices teach us that peace on earth can be maintained by constant effort.”

Funds raised by the classes' of 1944, 45, and 46 provided for the plaque. It now hangs in the corridor of the new Woodward High School. The 1945 Saga was dedicated to the boys who "gave their lives in service.” In the subsequent years, from the subsequent conflicts that are started by old men who should know better and are fought by young men who haven’t yet begun to live their lives more names were added.


Thomas Toth
Class of 1974

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Photo of original plaque in the school at 600 E. Streicher St.

Woodward Alumni who died in service to our country

WWII Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

Chesnutt, George V. Jr.

Cook, Joseph William

Smalley, Jack G.

WWII other Theaters

Antoine, William, J

Bancroft, William

Bell, Eugene

Boyd, Henry

Bremer, Charles

Brown, William

Dudek, Bronislaus

Essick, Maurice

Fassler, Raymond

Gosciniak, Ted

Hamilton, George

Harris, Nelson

Hester, Thomas

Hill, Robert

Hillebrand, Harold

Jagodzinski, Edmund

Janes, Joseph

Johnson, Harold

Joseph, Carl

Kempski, Alvin

Kolasinski, Jr. Felix

Krysiak, Chester

Lacy, David

Langlois, Benny

LeSueur, Richard

Lords Floyd

Lukowski, Florian

Mack, William

Mackiewicz, Daniel J

Maroszek, Bernard A.

Meinen, Jr. Henry

Milanowski, Edward

Neuhoff, Ronald

Nowak, Ted

Nowakowski, Raymond

WWII other Theaters - continued

O’Reilly, Edward

Olender, Leonard

Olszewski, Edward L.

Pachucki, Frank Jr.

Pachucki, Walter

Paradysz, Edward

Pegorsch, Melvin

Phifer, Delbert Leo

Plotka, Edward J.

Pollock, Virgil

Raczko, Frank

Ransome, Curtis

Relyea, Willard

Ressler, Harold

Reynolds, Orin

Rossler, Donald

Sadoski, Melvin

Scarisbrick, Richard

Schoenfelt, Jack

Sharples James, F.

Sieczkowski, Louis

Skitowski, Anthony

Szczepankiewicz, Stanley

Turrittin, Richard

Walasinski, Edward P. “Amos”

Walczak, Tadeusz

Weaner, Lowell

Whitney, Ray

Whitty, James J.

Wolsiffer, Jean

Zarnoch, Roman

Zelles, Manuel J.

Ziebar, Louis

Zurob, Toufy


Geis, Jack H.

Gzik, Richard Stanley

Nowak, Bert L.

Ritchey, Robert W.


Bezeau, Rich

Boyer, Charles

Clay, Darryl

Drown, Larry

Edwards, Stephen

Mc Coy, Bobby

Parker, Donald Lee

Quillen, Roger

Ringel, James

Riplie, George

Shaffer, Victor

Thompson, Howard

Van Buren, Gerald

Watson, Kenneth


Harris, Justin

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