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Barbara Simon Berebitsky  Inducted 1997 - Class of 1969

In September of 1996, Barbara Gose made the news when she was named Senior Vice President of the Huntington National Bank of Northwest Ohio. A feature article in the Toledo Blade on Women in Business described her as … "an executive carving her own future ..." Reviewing her resume, one can see that Barbara has concentrated and directed her career efforts and energy to succeed in the banking industry, at The Huntington Bank. She truly exemplifies the cliché that "hard work does payoff !"

Barb grew up in the "old north end," in the 1900 block of Superior Street. She attended St. Michael's Catholic elementary school.

When she looks back on her high school years, Barb remembers trying to fit in. "I was not popular enough to be a so-called 'social' and not bad enough to be a so-called 'hood'. As such, I fell somewhere in between. I did meet many new friends, who remain such today." Among Barb's

friends were Dawn Parish, Debbie Halterman, Rita Appleby and Bea Langley. She remembers the general camaraderie and spirit of the students. "I remember our Class winning the spirit trophy as juniors, which was almost unheard of since the seniors always won."

Barb praises two of her teachers at Woodward, "Mrs. Perruchon brought new meaning to the term 'proper' English. I still remember many of her tips." Barb credits her BOE teacher, Chrystal Easely, as one who had a profound effect on her. "She taught me at a very young age what it took to make it in a professional environment."

After graduating in 1969, Barb continued her education, which was pointed towards a career in banking. She graduated from the University Toledo, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She completed graduate school at the Stonier Graduate School of Banking, achieving honors.

Barb used her education, and discipline gained throughout her school years to progress through 27 years of increasingly responsible positions with the Huntington National Bank of Northwest Ohio. Serving the bank in a variety of capacities, she held many titles : Commercial Credit Analyst and Manager; Commercial Compliance Officer; Retail Operations Officer; Marketing Coordinator; Training Director; Commercial Loan Representative; and Senior Credit Officer. With such a broad scope of experience, Barb earned her promotion in September,1996, to Senior Vice President. In her current post, Barb is responsible for Huntington’s 23 offices... with 230 employees... in 3 northwest Ohio counties...with assets of $560 million and deposits of $734 million.

Since relatively few women achieve the level of responsibility which Barb routinely handles, The Blade article described her as one "breaking through traditional barriers." Though she worked at Huntington long before the women's movement gained prominence, Barb says she never felt that being a women would hold her back at the bank. "I've always held the belief that, in the total scheme of things, performance is the determinant of an individual's success." Taking advantage of one’s education opportunities is another key factor.

Barb puts her business savvy to good use by being involved in various board positions and/or active membership in the United Way, Northwest Ohio Minority Business Development Council, Private Industry Council, Kiwanis, Toledo Lucas County Housing Fund Board, Port Authority Bond Fund Committee, YMCA, 1996 Toledo YMCA Women of Achievement Luncheon Chair, YMCA Battered Women's Shelter Volunteer and St. Michael's Church Finance Committee.

Barb enjoys golf and reading in what leisure time she has. "I enjoy my job, so I guess you could say I work for fun , too."

Barb's mother, Mary Ellen Shuff, is a 1946 Woodward grad. Her 6 sisters and 2 brothers are all Woodward alumni! Barb is single and brags about her 2 children: 21 year old daughter Kerry is majoring in elementary education at the University of Toledo. Her stepson, Ken, is 28 with a 2 year old son, Kyle.

Barb is extremely honored to be inducted into the WHS Hall of Fame. "I would have never expected such a tribute." Barb is definitely one of Woodward’s finest. Her professional peers have recognized her. And now we, representing her Alma Mater, have the privilege of doing likewise."

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