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Shirt Fundraiser - March 15th - 31st

The Woodward Hall of Fame has partnered with Jupmode for their annual "Here for Good" fundraiser. Pre-sale orders are being taken from March 15th through March 31st.


All sales are final. We will not be able to accommodate exchanges or returns.

Shirts will be ordered and printed at the completion of the sale on March 31. Please allow 2-3 weeks after that date for shipment.

We are offering a T-shirt or long sleeve Sweatshirt with a Go Polar Bears logo. Proceeds will go to the HOF scholarship fund.

Cost for the T-shirt is $20. Cost for the Sweatshirt is $40. The Woodard Hall of Fame will receive $10 for each T-shirt and $20 for each Sweatshirt sold. Click the button below to order.

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