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Wendi Brocus Sabo Class of 1995


Wendi Brocus Sabo is a class of 1995 Woodward graduate and Hall of Fame Scholarship recipient. Some of Wendi’s favorite memories of her time at Woodward revolve around the annual homecoming festivities. “My family would always host the float building and driving of the float for the class of 1995!  Those were some of the best times building and creating something that would be seen by the community.”


Wendi credits her involvement on school sports teams while at Woodward to helping her to become the woman she is today as she enjoys exercising, skiing, and wake surfing in her free time. She also says she is the biggest cheerleader for her two daughters when it comes to their sports endeavors. Additionally, Wendi.received a diagnosis of Trigeminal Neurologia almost five years ago and used her experience to help others. “I research and try to give others hope with finding ways to get through the day without medication.”

The receipt of the Woodward Hall of Fame scholarship helped Wendi to pursue her post secondary education after graduation. “Receiving scholarship funds from the Hall of Fame helped start my college career in the right direction.  I am the youngest in my family and I really wanted to go to a college that would help me become a successful professional and with the help of this fund it allowed me to.”

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