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Nominating Criteria and Procedures

1. A completed nomination form along with a current resume or curriculum vitae (CV), and any supporting documents must be received by the Woodward High School Hall of Fame Association no later than JUNE 1 to be considered for induction the following Spring.  Nominations received after July 1 will be considered for induction the subsequent Spring.


2. Nomination forms become the property of the Hall of Fame Association.  They will not be returned.


3. Members of the Woodward Technical High School (WTHS) will be honored for their accomplishments as well as individuals connected with Calvin M. Woodward High School.


4. The individual nominated does not necessarily have to be a Woodward High School or Woodward Technical High School graduate.  This will allow for the inclusion of former teachers, administrators, and individuals in the community who have offered much assistance and support to Woodward High School.


5. The individual nominated must have been out of high school at least ten years.


6. Any individual who has achieved outstanding accomplishments or made significant contributions to Woodward, their community, or their profession is eligible for nomination.


7. Once individuals have been nominated, they will be considered year after year if not selected. There is no need to re-nominate each year.


8. A limited number of individuals shall be selected each year.

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