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Dr. Beshara Benard Doumani Inducted 2024 - Class of 1973


When Beshara’s family moved here from Lebanon, he attended Lagrange School for a few days then was moved up to 10th grade at Woodward. Those are two big moves! His favorite WHS teachers were Dan Duvendack and Susan Sweet. Beshara recalls his introduction to experience-based learning in a class at WHS and how that has impacted his life. He received his B.A. from Kenyon College, his M.A. in Arab Studies, and his PhD in History from Georgetown. Beshara currently serves as a professor at Brown University. He has also served as a professor at UC Berkeley and the U. of Pennsylvania. He served as President of Birzeit University in Palestine from 2021-2023. He has received several fellowships, including Harvard, Princeton, The Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in DC. Beshara has been the Founder/Director of Middle East Studies and of the New Directions in Palestinian Studies, both at Brown, also the Founding Director of the Palestine Museum Welfare Association and the Middle East Social and Cultural History Assoc. The numerous collaborative Research Initiatives, Professional Services Editorial Boards, Book Series Editors, Conferences Organized, PhD’s chaired & served on committees, Dissertations, and Publications reflect his high achievements and strong areas of expertise.


He likes listening to music, traveling, and watching movies. Beshara enjoys spending time with his family: his wife, Issmat, and their two daughters: Tala and Yara; and his two brothers: Amjad and John, also Woodward grads plan to attend the banquet.

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