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Gary D. Bishop                     Inducted 2024 - Class of 1969


His Toledo Times paper route, interest in ham radio, and school volunteer experiences helped set the tone for his work ethic, hobbies, and volunteer activities that have taken him far and wide. He worked his way through The U. of Toledo and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Gary was with Rockwell Collins, in Iowa, for his 32-year career in the avionics and electronics industry. He received his Master’s, holds 7 patents, has written many technical papers, is a respected industry leader, and the recipient of many awards, including his company’s Engineer of the Year twice! Working on the team that attempted to locate the wreck of Amelia Earhart’s plane was intriguing. This endeavor included training with an underwater exploration firm. His last project at Rockwell was working on displays for the F-35 Lightning Fighter with Lockheed- Martin.


Gary enjoys being a mentor to students and teachers, and taking teams for national competitions. In retirement, he formed a consulting company to train the test technicians for Rockwell. He has two sons, Bryan (Amanda) and Stephen (Sheena) and spends time enjoying his three grandchildren.

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