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Julie Wilczynski Fulton        Inducted 2023 - Class of 1984

Julie  grew up across the street from Woodwards former location in the white 1½-story house at the corner of Streicher and Bevan.

The WHS Marching Band’s rendition of “Hi, Neighbor” was her wake-up call. Woodward’s campus was her playground—playing Hide and Seek under the stadium bleachers; climbing atop the larger- than-life polar bear; and using the auto ramp for bike racing.
Julie is the youngest of four daughters and one son of Walter A. and Helen who built that little home in 1948. Her maternal grandfather told the young couple that the lot would be a great location for raising kids—across from a park and a school yard.

And it was—especially for slipping in the side door just before the final first period bell, then making it home in time for supper after painting signs, pomping floats, running lines for plays, 

putting a newspaper to bed or whatever other activity Julie was into that day.
She became a well-rounded liberal thanks to two of the best class advisors (and human beings) ever to walk the halls of WHS, Dr. Richard Hoffman and Mr. David McMurray. She gladly served as freshman class vice president; junior class treasurer; and president both her sophomore and senior years. “I learned more from Mac and Huffy than I did in the classroom—from event planning, fundraising (Tom Wat!) and getting out of your comfort zone to being inclusive, pushing the envelope and questioning authority.”

The Class of 1984 was, and is,  a close-knit, fun-loving group. Julie continues to spearhead class reunions with many dedicated helpers. (Stay tuned for 2024’s 40-year reunion! Check the class Facebook page for details.)

Her fourth grade teacher at St. Adalbert School sparked Julie’s creative writing. Mr. Humanski’s  weekly journaling assignment was a cleanse for teenage angst. The back-and-forth between teacher and student validated teens’ feelings while making writers out of everyone.

She applied for Tattler over SAGA (Sorry, Mr. D.) to write more. In return, she learned an industry—from editing and proofing to typesetting, graphic design and layout. She served as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief her senior year.

Julie was awarded the Tattler Achievement Cup for overall excellence in high school. Mr. McMurray encouraged her to apply for college.
At the University of Toledo, she was a writer and editor for the college newspaper. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta fraternity, serving as a pledge leader and chairperson for rush parties and formals. As a three-year freshman camp counselor for the University YMCA, she welcomed new students to college life. An ice breaker at counselor training camp matched her with her future husband, Doug. Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in journalism and English with an emphasis in writing.

After college, she worked for the Associated Press as a film runner during two presidential conventions and a presidential inauguration. She was a graduate assistant in the graphic arts department while earning her Master of Arts degree in mass communications from Bowling Green State University. She attended a post-graduate magazine and book publishing course at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Professionally, Julie’s written ads, annual reports, blog posts, e-mails, FAQs, junk mail, news stories, podcasts, product descriptions, radio spots, video scripts and more. She knows a little bit about a lot of stuff, including: cannabis humidification, cheese, electrical substations, equity in classrooms, European fashion, greeting cards, home equity loans, humidors, petit fours, sausage, tchotchkes and wedding planning.

Her most rewarding projects? Facilitating two international adoptions of her children Edward, 24, and Jenna, 22. Julie and Doug have been married since May 1991. She’s nana to grandson Jayden, 4. The whole Fulton family lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Weekly, Julie volunteers at a memory care home playing Scrabble and other board games. She’s a militant recycler and organic composter. She writes one heck of  an annual holiday letter and runs her own marketing content business.

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