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Leslie Gunner Losh             Inducted 2022 - Class of 1975

Leslie (Gunner) Losh is a 1975 graduate of Woodward. Leslie moved to Point Place when she was in the 5th grade. She attended Ottawa River Grade school, Point Place Junior High, and then Woodward High.

Some of Leslie's “more memorable teachers” at Woodward were Grace Kellermeier, Winifred Frischman, Paulette Zych, Carolyn Steward, Roger Smith, and Dan Duvendack.

Dan Duvendack encouraged Leslie to pursue a career in Business. Leslie says that “Dan Duvendack mentored so many students, especially his Saga staff, by coaching us in the right direction but ultimately giving us the responsibility to make our own creative and editorial decisions. He was honest, caring, and beloved. He knew his students, like when he recognized my fit with the business world.” Looking back at her years at Woodward, Leslie credits Woodward's “outstanding extra curricular activities and advisors” with mentoring and shaping her for future life.

For Leslie the extracurriculars kept her going, helping to make her more confident, and take charge and capable of multitasking as an adult. She credits the rich diverse cultural makeup of Woodward for making her a better person. Leslie was Co-Valedictorian of her class and she attended The University of Toledo with a full scholarship from Toledo Edison. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Leslie continued her education earning her Masters of Business Administration from DePaul University.

Leslie became a leader among her clients in the market research industry. Eventually, Leslie purchased a small research company, renamed it Mindseye Research Group, and transformed it into a respected boutique firm that, today, works with Fortune 500 companies. Her business is in Wheaton, IL, and has a satellite office in Racine, WI.

Leslie married her Woodward High School sweetheart, Ken Losh. Ken was also a Woodward graduate and an outstanding basketball and football player in high school. Sadly, Ken passed away after 28 years of marriage. She has two children, Gillian and Alec. Gillian joined Leslie’s firm last year. Alec is an attorney specializing in Employment Law.

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