Keary Sarabia                      Inducted 2020* - Class of 1991

Keary credits Bob Leonard with having a profound influence on him at Woodward. Mr. Leonard saw something in him that he, himself, did not see. Keary played football on our 1990 City League Championship team, served as captain, and received both The Blade’s City League and All-State Honors.

He attended The University of Toledo and College of the Desert. During his 20s, he experienced some difficulties, and then began to turn his life around. Eventually, he became the catalyst to do the same for others as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. In 2013, with W.H.S. grad, Bryant Robinson, they created the RFS Behavioral Health Agency. This school-based agency offers mental health and addiction services to at-risk youth in 78 schools. He serves on boards of many organizations and sponsors local, worthy causes, including Woodward.

What Bob Leonard once did for him, Keary now does for others: encouraging and helping kids to

achieve goals leading toward a better future. Keary is engaged to Janetta Stoiber, has a daughter, Abigail, a step-son, Jai Decembly, and a granddaughter.

*Induction Ceremony postponed until October 2021 due to the pandemic