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James M. McGill                   Inducted 2018 - Class of 1971

Jim grew up in the area of Toledo centered around Lagrange and Erie known as the Vistula District where he attended Lagrange School. Even though the Lagrange Elementary has been torn down, Jim still has his eighth grade "Outstanding Student" plaque that he was awarded in 1967.

The majority of his free time involved the Old North End’s Friendly Center and his buddies; Ed Johnson, Debbie Magly(Johnson), Mark Lindberg , and the "Dirty Dozen." Even though the Friendly Center's indoor basketball court was rather close under the baskets, Jim has fond memories of running the hard maple with Jerry Davis, Dino Brown, Nelson Overton, Kenny Mims, Eddie Edwards, and Walter Hill.

Reflecting on his Woodward years Jim said, "... Mainly you felt an overall sense of pride from all the staff members at Woodward. To this day, Woodward Pride was and is real." On the other hand, Jim did take full credit for selling an "elevator pass" to an incoming Freshman during his Senior year.

Jim's favorite teachers at Woodward were all the coaches that intersected his teen years. Jim was particularly grateful for the encouragement given him by Pete Stoner and Jim Knierim. Jim's best high school memory was playing on the 1971 District Championship Basketball Team, and still, to this day, uses the team's cohesiveness as a part of his coaching philosophy.

After graduating from Findlay College in 1975, Jim started his 35-year teaching career at Woodward. While at Woodward, Jim was able to get to know many of the teachers from an entirely different perspective, and discovered that the Woodward instructors from his youth were not only excellent teachers, but also excellent people as well.

While Jim, or "Jimmy Mac" as he was affectionately known, was the Freshman, JV, and Varsity basketball coach at Woodward, he was primarily responsible for keeping "Monte Carlo Night," a classic fund raiser, alive. The profits from which supported, Woodward athletics.

In 2013, Jim was named "Coach of the Year" by the National Federation of High Schools, and "Ohio Coach of the Year" from the Ohio High School Athletic Association. According to Ed Johnson "No other coach has ever won this honor from the Toledo area, in any sport." He is one of the most decorated coaches in Toledo history. This is after being named Toledo Area Athletic Conference Coach of the year for nine years, seven years continuously, 2008-2014.

Currently living in Millbury, Ohio, Jim has two children, Kelly and Nick McGill. Jim spends his retirement volunteering, coaching, and promoting the sport of golf as the Executive Director of the Toledo Junior Golf Association.

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