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Edwardo E. Jaramillo           Inducted 2018 - Class of 2001

With his neighborhood buddies Andy Balas, Susie Printke, Doug Lalonde, and Brandi Rodgers, Riverside Park was considered their personal playground. Renamed Jamie Farr Park, the park's pool was just across Summit Street from his parent’s front porch. LaGrange, Riverside, and Leverette schools were the natural progression to the highly polished brown tiles of Woodward High School.

While attending the elementary schools, Mr. Haga pushed Eddie’s musical abilities. When Eddie learned that Woodward needed a tuba player, he spent the entire summer vacation, after leaving Leverette, learning to play the tuba to secure a place in the Woodward Marching Band. Woodward's Friday night football games, with performances by the Marching Band, Mr. Haga's fantastic half time shows, led to his life-long memories of Woodward.

Activities Assistant Principal, Eric Gordon, later to become Woodward’s Principal, assumed the task of directing Woodward’s yearly musical production. Eddie was not particularly interested in playing 

a part, but rather in the technical portion of theater production, in which Mr. Gordon nurtured his interest. Gayle Schaber, who was Woodward’s next Activities Assistant Principal, also took on the task of producing the Extravaganza which continued his interest in theater production. This eventually led into his career as a technician at Toledo's 13ABC. Since 2003, he has advanced his capabilities at WTVG and is currently serving as the Master Control Operator for production.

During his time at Woodward, he became very involved in the Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Theater. He was also a member of the Spanish Club, the Jefferson Madison leadership Team, Class Officer, and Teacher’s Aide. In 2001, he received the John Phillips Sousa and TATTLER Achievement Cup awards.

Nine years after his graduation, Edwardo was recognized by the Toledo Public Schools with the Silver Slate Award for his volunteer work with the Woodward High School Marching Band. He also gives a week of his yearly vacation to chaperone and volunteer for Woodward's Band Camp.

He and his father co-own EJSound &Lighting Rental Service.

Edwardo and his wife, Marla, have been married for five years and have a three-year-old daughter, Luciana.

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