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Amy Bishop Bostwick         Inducted 2017 - Class of 1984

With Amy's close group of friends, the walk from her home near the Yum-Yum restaurant on Summit Street to the Tarta Bus stop that would take them to Woodward High School was always an adventure. Riverside Elementary friendships with Tammy Mohn, Julia Kozak, Kelly Hennessy, and Joy Estep were merged with new and lifelong friends from Woodward’s Marching Band and Saga.

There are four teachers from Amy's days at Woodward that she would like to recognize for their outstanding efforts.

Mr. D, Dan Duvendack, and his supposedly ornery nature would lighten even the tensest of class room situations or yearbook deadlines, while at the same time he would always remind us to stop and chuckle at life's circumstances. He always empowered us to think for ourselves and would support our ideas. Amy especially enjoyed the yearly SAGA Christmas parties where funny gifts were exchanged between the student staff, and where the most outrageous gifts were always

reserved for our advisor Mr. D.

Mr. AI Haga, Woodward's Band Director, taught all of the band participants to become responsible citizens and especially emphasized the importance of belonging to a group and instilled a love for music. It was his guidance and direction that inspired Amy to become a band director.

When the decision was made to enclose the faculty and staff parking lot with a new fence system that made the walkway feel like a prison yard, it was Mr. Hoffman's English class that supported our opinions and provided a venue for peaceful protest.

And lastly Amy wanted to mention Mrs. Iris Szelagowski, who taught her students to love science and question everything. Mrs. Szelagowski encouraged all of her students to succeed and treated everyone with respect.

After graduation from Woodward in 1984, Amy completed her musical education receiving her Bachelor of Education, Magna cum Laude, and Master of Music Education, Summa cum Laude, from the University of Toledo. Amy was initially responsible for the musical education for grades 4-12 in the Ottawa Hills System before becoming the Band Director for the Pike-Delta-York School System. Amy also mentored first year teachers for certification and recertification for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Amy was also responsible for the certification of all Art and Music teachers throughout Northwest Ohio, and for the Praxis III Teacher Evaluation Program.

Amy married Joe Bostwick, Woodward Class of 1985, and they have two children. Ellie is a student at Ohio University and is currently student teaching in Language Arts and Social Studies. Their son, Riley, is a student at the University of Toledo, majoring in Music Technology and Business.

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