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Homer James Yarrito          Inducted 2016 - Attended 1967/69

Homer James is an award winning glass artisan. Born in the furnaces of brick and fire, fine-grained sand is transformed into molten glass, added minerals form the color, and the only restraint on the finished glass is the imagination of the artist. "As far back as I can remember, art has been a part of my life." After experimenting with various mediums, it was glass that finally captured Homer's honed talent and skills. In the abstract Homer was quoted as saying, "I love seeing my ideas take shape at two thousand degrees."

Homer's artistry evolved from simple paperweights to artful works combining granite and steel with glass. He was awarded the prestigious DOMINIC LABINO AWARD three times, and has won multiple awards at regional art shows. His distinctive glass works are displayed worldwide. Homer is the artist responsible for the awards that are presented at the Woodward High School Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies.

After three years of classes at Woodward, Homer's parents moved to the Whitmer School District, graduating from Whitmer High School in 1970. In retrospect, Homer said, "I came back to watch all my friends graduate from Woodward, that was where my heart was."

Currently, Homer co-owns the family business, Homer's Cycles, on Galena Street in Toledo's North End, which specializes in Harley Davidson motorcycle parts.

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