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Richard Alan Lovett             Inducted 2016 - Class of 1964

As a long time Point Place resident, Kleis Grade School and Point Place Junior High were responsible for Rick's early educational foundation. Coupled with an expansive region to discover and play, Rick's free time and summers were spent exploring and boating along the shores of the Ottawa and Maumee Rivers from Detwiler Marsh to the long abandoned Indian villages of the Lost Peninsula. Rick recalls, "... we played football in the street, baseball at Kleis, tennis and golf at Bayview Park…" and “...we had our run of the Point. ...home for supper and then out again, but home when the streetlights came on."

Gene Collins, Ron Bates, and Dennis Thayer were friends from the neighborhood. They created bonds that were forged in the Point and grew into maturity at Woodward. In Rick's words, "... our relationships were what made Woodward a special place."

During his Senior year, Rick met his future wife of 47 years, Terry Bashore, WHS Class of 1966, in

Mrs. Hayes' Latin Class. The Latin Club sponsored a yearly Roman Banquet that included an auction in which the upperclassmen would purchase an underclassman. Rick's friends, knowing that he had more than a passing interest in Terry, arranged the auction so that in the ensuing sale he had to pay the maximum amount for her. According to Rick it was the best two dollars that he ever spent.

Rick recalls several excellent teachers during his time at Woodward that deserve mention. Dorothy Hayes - Latin was much more than reciting translations. Marie Williamson - led me to my first career as an English teacher. Sam Szor - gave us the responsibility to make it work. Eileen Hudgin - Rick’s supervising teacher in english. Dan Duvendack - his mentoring, during my first years teaching, was invaluable.

Rick began his career teaching English for four years at Woodward where he left to become a guidance counselor at Libbey High School. After nine years at Libbey, Rick became the guidance director at Jones Junior High. Serving for one year at Jones, he became the Assistant Principal at Byrnedale Junior High for nine years and principal for five years. Rick closed his 35 year career with Toledo Public Schools as Director of Human Resources. Rick s second career began in 2003 at Adrian College as an Associate Professor of Teaching Associates, retiring in 2011.

Rick and Terry have two successful children and two grandchildren. They have traveled to countries in every continent except Australia. Rick is an accomplished Bridge player and an avid golfer.

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