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Mitchi Collette                     Inducted 2016 - Class of 1972

With her Dad serving in the active military, Mitchi moved around the country from one grade school to another, and when they arrived in Toledo, Mitchi called the neighborhood of Beaumont and Ketcham, home. She recalls that it was a quiet community where she found several of her best friends on her journey through Woodward High School. Kathy Czaja, Deb Clements, Verna Henderson, and the rest of the basketball and track teams spent a lot of their time in Woodward’s practice gym and the courts of Wilson Park. The Bargain City store on Buckeye Street was their relaxation and their down time.

"Because of my Dad being in the Military, we traveled a lot which made me hate school. I wanted to quit high school until they began (women's) sports my sophomore year. I played basketball and was in track. Sports in high school was what got me through to graduate."

Mitchi remembered that several teachers: Mrs. Cook who taught Ecology, Mrs. Grant the Art

teacher, and Mr. Duvendack her Science teacher, were those teachers that taught in ways that you couldn't wait to come back to their classes. One of her favorite Woodward memories was when the Ecology class went to Kelleys Island for the weekend. She also recalled Mrs. Williamson, Dean of Women at Woodward, helping her integrate into a much larger and diverse school than she had ever had experience. Perhaps, saving the best till last, Mitchi said that Mr. Harold Clement, who was track coach at the time, pointed out that a career playing football for the Toledo Troopers was a possibility.

Mitchi has been a professional football player and coach, a military veteran, and worked in law enforcement. She played at the very top of competition, winning multiple awards including six-time Offensive Lineman and Defensive player of the year. She was a member of the Toledo Troopers when they won the World Championship seven times. Mitchi was the first female head coach in the Women's Football League, and was inducted into the Women's Football Foundation Hall of Fame. She served in two wars and in 17 countries in a military career that included eight years in the Marines and 25 years in the Army. She also served as an Auxiliary Ohio State Trooper.

Mitchi has an adopted son, Michael, and two grandchildren. Currently Mitchi owns and manages the Toledo Reign women’s professional football team. Her spare time revolves around kayaking, camping, and home renovation.

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