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Kevin A. Wietrzykowski       Inducted 2015 - Class of 1977

After graduating from the eighth grade, Kevin was relieved as he entered the tiled floors of the school on Streicher to find the same thoughtful approach of the Elm and Spring neighborhood with that of his Woodward teachers. Kevin remembers that Mr. Haga, Mrs. Sweet, and Mrs. Reyes, all three of them went way beyond teaching, "they looked out for my personal well-being outside of the classroom."

Kevin is pretty sure that his nick name "Vetch," which is a shortened version of the correct pronunciation of his last name, came from his buddies at Woodward and not the North End's St. Hedwig Catholic School. In reality, Joe Turski and most of the other band members started calling him "The Vetch" to mimic a life sized picture of Kevin dressed like the "Fonz" holding drum sticks.

For the next four years, Kevin's musical career was nurtured under the direction and supervision of Mr. Haga. Kevin said"... he [Mr. Haga] spent so much after-hours time with me to help me grow as a

musician and as a person. I became percussion first chair and band president under his guidance." To further his mastery of the drums, Kevin was motivated and encouraged when the WHS Jazz Band came under the leadership of nationally known jazz saxophonist Floyd "Candy" Johnson. With his Senior Year coming to an end, Kevin received the highest award given to a high school band student, the John Philip Sousa Award; along with 17 collegiate music scholarship offers.

With an Associate Degree from Owens Technical School in Recreational Management secured in 1981 coupled with a Certificate in Computer Technologies from CDl in 1983, Kevin went to work for Ohio Citizen's Bank as an electronic service technician. Furthering his education in the computer informational field, lead to employment with the Promedica Health System in 1991 as Manager of Informational Technologies. At present, Kevin is still with Promedica as Corporate Project Leader.

Kevin, in his spare time, continues to pursue his interest in music through an active participation in Anthony Wayne High School theater productions along with the local community theater, where he is currently producing his 13th theater production. Kevin also donates much of his time and organizational talents to the American Red Cross. After taking Disaster Relief classes in 2005, Kevin spent three weeks in the devastated New Orleans neighborhoods distributing food and medical supplies to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. While in New Orleans, Kevin performed, and saved a man's life.

Kevin married Marla Wysocki, who is the daughter of Dr. Robert Wysocki a 1944 Woodward graduate. They have one daughter and one grandchild.

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