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Marilyn Ruth Hainbuch Ewing Inducted 2015 - Class of 1943

Born and raised within a stone's throw of Forest Cemetery, Marilyn’s first encounter with TPS was as a little girl along with her twin sister, Carolyn, attending Spring School. Woodward High School brings back fond memories of classmates that formed strong bonds during band practices and performances. The talents that were discovered and cultivated at Woodward were cherished and matured as she adapted her innate skills to the tenets of the YMCA.

Marilyn Hainbuch Ewing is being recognized for her exceptional skills which she dedicated to the YMCA Store Camps. Marilyn's lifelong husband and partner, Clark Ewing, was Executive Director of Storer Camps and they functioned as a great team.

Marilyn Ruth Hainbuch met Clark Ewing during the early war years at Storer Camps during the Summer of 1942. Married in 1946, after a four year courtship, their story book romance has resulted in five children, all of whom have grown-up within the values of Storer Camps and the

YMCA. Their five children have all married and have served as staff members. With eleven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren, Team Ewing's legacy will continue the tradition so lovingly linked to the precepts of the YMCA.

When they became "Team Ewing" Storer Camps was set on a 250 acre plot of land on Stony Lake. Marilyn's futuristic vision, enhanced by the Board of Directors, have enlarged the camp's holdings over times until Storer Camps nearly 1200 acres encompassed all of Stony Lake. Aside from enlarging the camp's holdings they took the lead in offering young ladies the opportunity to have camping experiences and leadership prospects on a par with the boys.

Marilyn served as the camps registered nurse and director of health and nutrition. She was "Mom" to the foreign students and staff, the cancer stricken campers, and those that needed dialysis. Marilyn was also responsible for the countless un-named and un-noticed duties; such as, "Keeper of the Kid's Secrets" and "Chief Entrusted Confidant. " Those responsibilities were the countless mundane tasks that smoothed the days at camp.

During the years 1947-48, 1956-58, 1961-1986 Team Ewing guided Metro Toledo's YMCA Storer Camps to become one of the Nation's leading YMCA camps. Marilyn and Clark Ewing together have had a positive impact on thousands of young people who are now the leaders throughout the Greater Toledo area . . . . And the world. Marilyn never looked at the life that she might have had or the material things that she had left behind or might have had if they had chosen another path, instead she considered herself to be one of the world’s luckiest and richest people with memories to last forever.

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