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Emilio V. Ramirez                 Inducted 2014 - Principal

The youngest of six children, Emilio was raised in the Hungarian Village area of the ethnically diverse Birmingham neighborhood where his parents, forty years later, still reside. The community was comprised of loving families coupled with a strong neighborhood structure. Recalling his childhood, Emilio said: "I can remember flash light tag where 20-30 kids would play outside till the wee hours of the night.... Our house was known for the organizing of the block games and known for my mother's great food....Every kid knew if you hung out long enough eventually you would end up eating a free meal at the Ramirez' house.

Emilio's education began with Birmingham Elementary, then East Toledo Junior High, and finally to Waite High School, where he wrestled and ran cross country and track. Many of his friendships today are from his school days: Mark Silva, John Segura, Par Suto, Andy Lopez, Terry Tchappet, and Glen Cook, were forged during their time at Waite.

Graduating from Waite High School, Emilio was part of the Indian 100 Leadership Team, the National Honor Society, and president of the Hispanic Club. The Ohio State University and earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education was Emilio's next stop in his quest for higher education. Emilio's teaching career came full circle when, in the fall of 1996, he started teaching at Waite while coaching cross country and track. Carefully budgeting his spare time, Emilio was able to acquire his Master's Degree from The University of Toledo, and his Superintendent’s Licensure from The University of Findlay.

With his advance degrees firmly in place, Emilio quickly rose through the ranks of administration in the Toledo Public Schools. At the request of Toledo Superintendent Crystal Ellis, Emilio applied for and received the position of Principal of Woodward High School in 2007.

The position of principal suited Emilio's character and personality. Within days, Emilio knew the names of the incoming freshman class, along with the rest of the student body. From the morning's early hours till the day's last activity, Emilio was constantly interacting with the students.

Emilio is still very active in the Woodward Community, even though he has been promoted to another position within the school system. He has also been inducted into the Waite High School Hall of Fame. Emilio says that if it wouldn't have been for Woodward, he would not have met the love of his life, "the one and only Sarah. Their blended family consists of three daughters: Larissa, Melinda, and Tiffany, along with two grandchildren, Kayden and Bryson.

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