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Gary J. Mayesky                   Inducted 2014 - Faculty/Coach/Administrator

Originally from Austintown High School in Youngstown, Ohio, Gary migrated to northwest Ohio after graduation. Four years later, Gary graduated from The University of Toledo with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in mathematics. Gary started his teaching career at Woodward and, at the same time, moved into the Woodward district and resided on Streicher Street.

During Gary's first couple years of teaching, he was asked by Band Director, AI Haga, to come with him to Band Camp at Kelleys Island. Not knowing what to expect, Gary worked with the Band Dads striping the field, developing band skits, cooking on the beach, and watching over 12 young men all week like a Dad.

Quoting James W. Muhn:
"Many teachers had an impact on Gary's career. One person stands out more than others, Fred Cieslewski. Mr. C was a mentor, friend, and even more so a "father" figure to Gary. Gary was a

teacher of mathematics; coach of football, basketball and baseball, same as Mr. Cieslewski. After Fred retired, they still met for breakfast to 'talk'."

Another mentor was Mrs. Joann Scott. Joann was a counselor at the time Gary was there. She was always there for Gary with advice and guidance. As Gary began his Masters Degree in Administration, she made herself available to help him learn about scheduling classes, they also continued their friendship after she retired. Gary’s administrative career flourished: Dean of Students, Assistant Principal of Leverette Junior High, Assistant Principal of Curriculum at Libbey High School, Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel and Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Assistant Principal of Activities at Woodward.

Gary also helped to develop the Early College High School and Small Schools Concept. Gary was also nominated for Who’s Who and was Principal of TPS summer school.

A life-long bachelor, Gary met his wife Susan Kos-Mayesky through her daughter, Candace. Candace wrote Gary a letter saying that she thought he liked her Mom and that Gary should give her a call. Gary called, the romance blossomed, and they were married in June of 1999. Gary gained a family of three children and four grandchildren."

Woodward was Gary's family away from home. During the last year before Gary died, he spent a lot of his spare time helping a young lady whose family had abandoned her. The student had just been diagnosed with diabetes, Gary, who was also diabetic, arranged with Woodward's cafeteria to make sure she got the healthy diet that she needed for a healthy life. Gary paid the bill.

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