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Dr. Tom Wojciechowski      Inducted 2010 - Class of 1962

After spending his formative years on East Lake Street and attending St. Adalbert and Hamilton Elementary Schools, the high school with the polar bear from the Frozen Custard ice cream shop was the logical choice for someone of Tom's creative endeavors. Given the nickname of "Moonhead" by his father after a rather devastating haircut, later shortened to "Moonie," seemed appropriate for someone who would recite the words to a popular song by Dion called The Wanderer in a senior English class and receive a standing ovation from his classmates and an "A" from Mrs. Ersig. Still able to recite the words from The Wanderer after all these years, Tom, in his own defense, always said it was another student.

With friends Ron Malaska, Chuck Scumaker, Harty Ausel, Jack Hoenig, and others, basketball games were a must. One of his most vivid sports memories involves a 2 1/2-minute 12-point comeback victory over Scott that was orchestrated by Howard Komives, followed by a pizza celebration at Angelo's Spaghetti House on Stickney Avenue.

Tom always maintained that Mr. Robie's orientation class made the transition to Woodward effortless. He also gives credit to chemistry teacher, Mr. Staneart, and physics teacher, Mr. Foose, for his initial and continued interest in the sciences. The experience gained in Mrs. Burkett's and Miss Joseph's math classes prepared him for future academic challenges. Being part of the Saga staff and the Honor Society rounded off his high school years.

The University of Toledo provided the necessary college courses for a Cum Laude Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 1967, paving the way to graduation from Wayne State Medical School in 1975. Post Graduate course work was accomplished in the W. W. Knight Family Practice Residency program, culminating in 1978 when Dr. Wojciechowski achieved the honor of being named Chief Resident.

Dr. Wojciechowski's medical practice in Bowling Green, Ohio, is oriented toward family practice, coupled with emphasis on geriatric medicine, sports medicine, and care for mentally challenged patients. He also serves as Medical Director for several nursing homes in the area. He is fondly known as Dr. Wojo by all of his patients.

The volunteer physician for BGSU's Hockey Team for 30 years, Dr. Wojo received the team's award for Distinguished Service to the hockey program in 2007. His hockey roots are deep, as he grew up with hockey at the Sports Arena, and eventually served as the Goaldiggers' team doctor for two seasons during their peak years. In a Toledo Blade article about the Sports Arena days, he recalls, “The first night I worked was 10 cent beer night. I spent more time suturing up fans than the players." Dr. Wojo also volunteers as the team physician for Bowling Green High School.

Dr. Wojciechowski considers his 43-year marriage to his wife Kathryn [Drouillard] his most important accomplishment, along with being a father to their four children. Dr. Tom Jr. and Dr. Edward Wojciechowski have followed in their father's footsteps as physicians; daughter Stacy Gilbert is an attorney, and Lisa Hoover is a physical therapist. The contributions of Dr. Wojo's family to their Bowling Green community were recognized in 1991, when their family was named Family of the Year.

In his spare time, Dr. Wojo plays tennis several times a week, enjoys golf in the summer, and loves being with his three grandchildren.

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