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Bryant Robinson                 Inducted 2009 - Class of 1993

With only seconds to go in the first game since the death of Walter Payton, Chicago Bears' Bryant Robinson blocked a 28-yard field goal attempt by Green Bay leading the Bears to a hard fought 14-13 victory. Bryant’s impressive football career started at Woodward and continued at Fresno State, then St. Louis, where he signed as a college free agent. It was at St. Louis where he had his first NFL sack against Carolina. Bryant played for the Bears until 2004 when he was signed by the Miami Dolphins. After an impressive season with the Dolphins, Bryant played for Cincinnati, and, in 2008, signed a two-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Bryant anchored the Cardinals' Defense as a starting tackle when they met the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

And now more of the story . . .

At 6' 4" and 304 pounds, Bryant is extremely impressive, especially if you're the one with the football trying to evade number 97's devastating tackle. Raised in the Polish Village, Sherman and

the Old West End schools were the early training grounds for Woodward. Graduating in 1993, wrestling and football were Robinson's favorite activities at Woodward High School. He was named second team All-District in football as a junior and first team as a senior. Robinson was the team’s captain at the annual prep bowl high school city championship football game.

Following high school, Robinson has been one of Woodward’s most active community contributors. In 2003, when Robinson was visiting his family in Toledo's North End, he made several appearances at Woodward urging the kids to get involved with their community and to stay in school. Bryant, his wife, Angela, and their three dogs reside in Gurnee, Illinois. His community involvement was highlighted with his activity in Chicago's Special Olympics, and handing out turkeys with the Bears' defensive linemen at a pre-Christmas gathering for Chicago's needy.

A product of Woodward High School and Fresno State, Robinson, according to The Blade sports writer Maureen Fulton ". . .  was as close to the promised land-otherwise known as the Super Bowl-as he has ever been." And while Robinson's team was just a little short in Super Bowl XLIII, the 2009 experience would last a lifetime.

A team player, Robinson was further quoted by Fulton: ". . . Just how we did it, this is definitely an awesome feeling. I'm not the only one happy. I have family, friends that are happy for me. We are just trying to go and seal the deal and I want to do my part. . . . It's been a long time coming for everybody; it's a really great feeling-for the owners, for the organization and the players who have been here throughout their career. "

As walk-on candidate for Fresno State, Robinson enjoyed a successful college career as a starting player in all games. He then played for the St. Louis Rams for one season, and for the Chicago Bears for the following six seasons, starting in an impressive 82 of their 90 scheduled games.

Since Super Bowl XLIII has come and gone, Woodward graduate Bryant Robinson has played professionally in 179 games for St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, Cincinnati, and Arizona.

". . .  I just tried to bring my leadership role that I picked up from the different organizations. . .. The way I came through is the only way I know."

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