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Richard "Dick" Krell             Inducted 2009 - Class of 1952

Using his formative years at Woodward to his advantage, Richard boxed his way to the Golden Gloves Championship in 1951, and graduated from Woodward in 1952. Choosing to remain in the greater Toledo community that nurtured his desire for competitive weightlifting, 1962 brought rave reviews in the sport of competitive weightlifting. Named one of the four top weightlifters in the world, Richard was chosen Athlete of the Year, All American Weightlifting Team Member, and Mr. Ohio. Enhancing his teaching skills, Richard concluded 1962 with a Master's of Education Degree from The University of Toledo. Richard taught and counseled the future weightlifters of northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan from Bedford High School for 30 years.

And now more of the story . . .

There are numerous characteristics that set Richard Krell apart from his fellow Woodward graduates; however, Dick's distinction as the only Woodward graduate that ever sat on a pie in the

Library to avoid detentions, is possibly one that he would like to forget.

A lad from the Polish neighborhood of Lagrange and Mettler, Dick attended Parkland and Sherman Schools before entering the three-tiered building on Streicher. That first day, when the entire student body had to walk past the stern-looking faculty members that guarded the entrances to Woodward’s auditorium, was Dick's first chance to look at the diversity of the students. "I thought I was at the U.N.," Dick recalled.

Hanging out at the Friendly Center gave Dick a chance to play basketball, and, because of Jamie Farr, Dick's nickname was Monk the Midget. Dick would later recall that with a nickname of Monk the Midget, a career of high school basketball at Woodward was assured. That is, of course, until the day of tryouts for the basketball team when Coach Knierim told him to choose a sport other than basketball.

"Relieved that my future didn't depend on basketball," Dick recalled, "I bought my first set of weights from Dean Clyde Meek and promptly drove over his wife's flowers that lined the drive."

Dick's weightlifting career included a Novice Golden Glove Championship, Mr. Toledo, two-time Mr. Ohio, four-time National Weightlifting Champion, holder of two world records, and others that are too numerous to mention.

Graduation brought a stint in the Marine Corps and marriage to his wife of 50 years, Mary Tanner Krell. Along with impressive strides in his weightlifting career Dick received his undergraduate and Master's Degree from The University of Toledo. Dick's entire teaching career centered around the students of Bedford Public Schools, where he was a teacher, counselor, and dean before retiring in 1990.

Dick's pastimes in his retirement now include daily exercise, painting, playing the guitar and piano, fishing and golfing.

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