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William L. Bondy                 Inducted 2009 - Class of 1937

After the death of his father, Bill was forced to graduate from Woodward a year early to support his family. The planned scholarship at Purdue University was replaced with automotive repair during the day and The University of Toledo's Chemical Engineering program during the evening. Drafted, trained, and with over 39 months of active combat service culminating with a Silver Star, Bill returned to Toledo and employment with the Toledo Fire Department in late 1945. Retiring from the Fire Department as a District Chief in 1971, Bill used expertise in motorized fleets to finally retire from two other related positions in 1984.

And now more of the story . . .

Entering through the massive wooden entrance doors of Woodward High School like thousands before them, Bill with his old friends from Sherman Elementary School, Robert "Bud" Boldt, Bill Bloomer, Earl Balsmeyee, and AI Navarre, felt at home. The friendship of his fellow students and

teachers like Mr. E. C. Rohr, who encouraged Bill to go to college, provided the nurturing environment that enabled Bill to graduate in three years. Another special friend and classmate since kindergarten, Ethel Scheidler, would also attend Woodward and become his wife in 1941.

Bill was drafted by the 37th Division of the Ohio National Guard after the planned scholarship at Purdue University was replaced with the school of Engineering at The University of Toledo. Laying communications between the front lines and the commanders occupied most of Bill's 39 months in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Bill always said the highlight of his time in the Pacific wasn't the Silver Star and the two Bronze Stars that he was awarded, but it was liberating his fellow soldiers from Bilibad, the Japanese Prison in the Philippines.

The Bondy's first home was in Point Place, part of the Woodward Territory, until they moved to South Toledo to raise their family. Bill opted to stay in the Reserves continuing to serve his country until 1960.

His father-in-law, former Fire Chief Karl Scheidler, inspired Bill to become a Toledo firefighter after his release from the service. In the ensuing 25 years, Bill rose from rookie in the Toledo Fire Department to District Chief of the Maintenance Division. For the next ten years, Bill's maintenance focused on Toledo's entire fleet of motorized vehicles. After retiring from the City of Toledo in 1981, Seaway Food Town persuaded Bill to spend the next three years looking after their fleet of delivery trucks.

After years of service to his country, to the firefighters, and to his family's, needs the Bondys moved to Bradenton, Florida where golf became one of William's favorite pastimes.

Tonight, William's widow, Ethel, is accepting the Hall of Fame Award on his behalf.

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