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Sharon Haumesser Stump Inducted 2006 - Class of 1973

Sharon grew up on the comer of Elm and Everett Streets and attended Spring School grades K-8. She graduated from Woodward in 1973. Her best friends were Sue Nusbaum Sawyer and Denise Ignatowski Laytart. She met Sue during her freshman year and considers Sue a lifelong friend. They worked on the Tattler and were student council queen attendants together. Sharon became friends with Denise in her sophomore year in BOE business block class. Sharon was also a cheerleader and close to Val Nagy, Connie Kalisz, and Debbie Shuba, her pals on the squad. Other buddies included Shelly Lloyd, Shirley Grunberg, Pat Czerminski, Kathy Hobbs, Tom Andrzejczak, and Tattler staffers Linda Edelman, Laurie Pinkley, Alex Barrientos, and others.

Sharon's favorite teachers had great impact on her. Mr. Bounds taught American government and was so alive and full of passion for his students. Miss Markopoulos, her journalism teacher and Tattler advisor, taught her hard work ethics, discipline, and perfectionism. Mrs. Kruzel who led her BOE business block, molded the students into young professionals and taught them to respect

authority and, most importantly, to respect themselves. Mr. Duvendack, her biology teacher, always made class fun and interesting. Sharon always loved Assistant Principal Mr. Geis' jovial smile greeting her each day.

Sharon said each of these teachers, along with the strong values taught to her by her incredible mother, have molded her into the person she is today. She credits this as the foundation for her success. In addition to her teachers, the principal, assistant principal, counselors, coaches, and advisors all encouraged the students to work hard, get involved, and make a difference. They encouraged high moral values and held students accountable. Thanks to the great compassionate leadership and training she received at Woodward High School, Sharon believes that nothing is impossible. She is not afraid to work hard and believes she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to do. She never gives up or quits. She hopes and prays that she can impact the youth of today in the same manner in which she was motivated at WHS.

Some of Sharon's great memories at Woodward are the co-ed football games, pizza at Angelos, and homecoming activities. More fun came from crashing float parties, mass meetings, and the great cheer "Battle Cry." Sharon was involved in many activities while at Woodward, including cheerleader (captain senior year), Tattler staff (make-up editor senior year), and COE Business Block (placed 2nd in the state in public speaking senior year). Other involvement included Zetts, class officer, Student Council, Student Council queen's court, senior class queen's court, homecoming queen's court, and the National Honor Society.

Sharon has been happily married for 15 years to Don Stump. They have four children ages 27, 24, 22, and 13. The family is active at Crossroads Community Church and Sharon loves working with and encouraging the youth. Sharon said her true life success would be if she were remembered for her humanitarian passion. She believes in helping those in need, those less fortunate, and those in times of trouble. She said all of her time, energy, and resources are a gift from God and it is her responsibility to honor Him in how she uses it.

Sharon and her husband Don own Lifestyles for Ladies Only, a fitness/wellness center. Don is president and Sharon is vice president. They have seven locations in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, with three licensed/franchised locations and a couple of others in the works. They employ over 350 people with annual revenues of 5 million dollars. For the past five years Lifestyles has received an award from Club Industry for ranking in the top 100 health clubs nationwide. They received a prestigious award in 2002 from the Better Business Bureau- the first ever Market Place Ethics Award, as well as numerous other awards over the years. They are very involved in charitable organizations, Christian organizations, school activities, Women's Ministries, Youth Ministries, and Mission work.

Sharon is very humbled by the honor of being inducted into the Woodward High School Hall of Fame. She is very proud to represent the great class of 1973. She said there are numerous genuinely good hearted, successful people that came out of Woodward from that era. Sharon said she will accept this honor by thinking of all of them and the impact they had on her life and how lucky she was to have walked together with them through the wonderful halls of Woodward High School.

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