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Patricia Becker Hamilton   Inducted 2002 - Class of 1948

Who says women don't know anything about baseball!?!? An article in The Toledo Blade, dated November 17, 1989, tells us that THIS IS NOT SO. "It may be a game for the Boys of Summer, but season after season, women are playing a bigger part." Pat Hamilton is one of those women who has not only played a “bigger part", but did so for 25 years!

Pat attended Stickney Elementary. She lived in the "Old North End", on Erie Street, between Stickney and Bush. "Our neighborhood was a rather poor one, but with a great ethnic and cultural mix."

Pat's best friends at WHS were Ron Brenneman, Marilyn Llewellen, Phyllis Schiffler, and Patsy Thornton. She remembers all Tattler staff members as friends. "I loved being on the Tattler Staff, going to the classrooms as a sophomore selling the paper, then putting to use all we learned in our junior and senior years." Pat was a Column Editor her Senior Year. Pat was also a member of the

Zetalethean Literary Society, Girls Leaders Club, Glee Club, Girls Bowling League, and she participated in intramural sports.

Pat's classroom memories included humorous moments. "I will never forget my freshman science class. We sat at tables and chairs, not desks. I am a very short-statured person. My feet didn't touch the floor. Seated directly behind me was a basketball player, who had very long legs. He would hook his feet under the rungs of my chair and pull it about a foot back. A very stern Miss Tobin would, of course, chastise me for causing a disturbance. I was humiliated then, but, looking back, it was funny."

Pat's favorite teachers at Woodward provided a foundation for post-graduate career success in the business world. "Dorothy Warner and Joe Dence taught me the skills needed to be employed in the business world ... secretarial skills and bookkeeping. I was quite shy as a freshman, and Miss Warner gave my self-esteem a boost by assuring me that I could keeping a goal in mind. Marie Ersig, Tattler Advisor, was also an influence."

After graduation, Pat worked as a secretary for three different companies (Bostwick-Braun, Continental Baking, and Willys Motors/Kaiser Jeep) from 1948-1957. She worked as a temp for Owens-Illinois, Johns-Manville and Owens Corning from 1957-1965, when her children were younger.

Pat's 25-year association with the Toledo Mud Hens began when she saw an advertisement in The Toledo Blade. "It was an ad for a secretary to the General Manager. I told a friend that I'd love to get that job." The job went to another, but Pat bought a ticket to the Hens home opener anyway and was "hooked". She later did get a part-time job with the Hens, in 1965, as a ticket taker. Since that date, until her retirement in 1991 as Business Manager, Pat worked in nearly every office capacity, other than General Manager. She served as secretary to the General Manager from 1966-1981. She was Business Manager for ten years, from 1981-1991, and also served on the Board of Directors during at time. As Business Manager, Pat handled all financial matters, including working directly with the major league affiliate on working agreements, player payroll reconciliation, and reports to the league office. During Pat's years with the Hens, they were affiliated with five major league teams: New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, and Detroit Tigers. Pat lists the Tigers and the Twins as her favorites to work with.

Pat was named the Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year in 1989. This was the first time an individual from an International League franchise had been chosen for the award, which is given annually to a woman connected with one of the country's 170 minor-league teams. In honoring Pat, the Commissioner of the Triple A Alliance said, "Baseball has, right or wrong, been a male-dominated sport. This is changing in the front offices. Women have been playing a vital role in the operations and the success of the clubs. Pat Hamilton is an icebreaker. This award is a chance for her to stand center stage and be recognized, as she should be." Pat’s reaction to the award was, as expected, humble. "I never expected it. It embarrasses me. I don't like a lot of attention. I never expected to be with the Hens this long. I don't think there is anything about the job that I dislike. I love baseball and being a part of it." Pat was well known for her efficiency in any task she tackled. Hens General Manager Gene Cook called her "truly a professional. There isn't a person who knows more about the total operation of this club." After retiring, Pat was honored again, this time by the Mud Hens. June 6, 1992, was declared Pat Hamilton Recognition Day.

Pat's professional affiliations include membership in the Fraternal Order Eagles Auxiliary (Maumee); American Legion Auxiliary (Whitehouse); Zonta Professional Women’s Club; Board of Directors of the Toledo Mud Hens Boosters Club; and life member of the Toledo Women's Bowling Association.

Pat has been married to Charlie, a retired electrician, for 44 years. They have 4 daughters (Lee Ann, Diane, Carol, and Beth), 2 sons (Daniel and Michael),16 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Recent wonderful additions to the family are 3 step-grandchildren. "When we get together, it is indeed a full house."

Pat's hobbies include reading, solving crossword puzzles and knitting. “We live in Las Vegas, so fun is close at hand, as are shows, dining out and gambling. Nevada is also home to many beautiful, natural attractions we can visit. “Pat’s reaction to being elected into the WHS Hall of Fame was a "total surprise". "I'm honored, to say the least. To be in the company of all the former inductees is an honor in itself."

Pat was once asked what the biggest change in baseball has been over the years that she has been involved. One might expect her to say it was the involvement of women, new stadiums, or, perhaps even the use of computers in carrying out her day-to-day responsibilities. Pat's response? "The players are getting younger every year!" Obviously, Pat's impressive accomplishments include a marvelous sense of humor.

Congratulations, Pat! You hit a home run tonight.

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