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Temoleon G. Rousos, Ed.D.  Inducted 2001 - Class of 1950

As stated in his Emeritus Citation from the University of Toledo, Temoleon "Tim" Rousos' first love has always been the classroom . . . "Your love for your students has been rewarded by their love for you." We too can learn a lot from Tim as we trace his accomplishments in education back to Woodward High School.

Tim began his education at Stickney Elementary. In the fourth grade, his family moved to Delphos, Ohio, where he attended public schools. He returned to Toledo, and Woodward, as a Junior and graduated in 1950. Tim's family lived on "F" street, between Paxton and St. John's street. This location was a reference of sorts for a term paper on the view from his bedroom window . . . that of the city dump.

Tim's best friends at Woodward High School were Andrew Markopoulos and William Poletes. They were friends both at Woodward, as well as through Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, at Walnut

and Superior Streets.

Tim's studies at Woodward with Belle Joseph, math teacher, confirmed his decision to be a math major. "She was an outstanding teacher and inspired my future professional life. Band Director, Edgar Sorton, always provided an interesting time in the band." Tim played the tuba (sousaphone). "Woodward had the largest tuba in the city. IT WAS BIG! . . . so big that female band members helped me carry it." Playing at Waite High School was always a trip . . . especially the walk from the school to the stadium." Tim was "student conductor" and "Outstanding Music Student" his senior year.

One of Tim's outstanding achievements at Woodward was winning one of only two "Harry's Auto Stores" Scholarships. This award allowed him to continue his education at the University of Toledo. He received a Bachelor of Education degree in mathematics from UT in 1954; a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Guidance from Eastern Michigan University in 1960; a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Bowling Green State University in 1964; Education Specialist Certification in Curriculum and Instruction from UT in 1974; and a Doctorate in Education in Research Design and Statistics from UT in 1979. Tim also finished first in his class in Data Processing Training at IBM in 1964. Other than his Bachelor of Education degree in 1954, all of Tim's academic degrees were awarded while he was working full-time.

Tim served in the United States Army from 1954-1956 in Okinawa, during the Korean conflict, as a First Lieutenant and Battery Commander. His teaching career began at Thurston High School in South Redford, Michigan in 1956. He was a math teacher at Ottawa Hills High School from 1961-1964; a Systems Engineer for IBM from 1964-1965; and returned to Ottawa Hills High School as Testing Director and Guidance Counselor from 1965-1966. He began his career at the University of Toledo in 1966 as Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Data Processing. In 1969, he became a Professor in the Technical Science and Math Department at the Community and Technical College and was Department Chairman during the 1980 school year.

At UT's winter commencement in 1985, Tim was awarded the rank of Professor Emeritus/Superannuate. He continues to teach one quarter each year at UT and spends the winter and spring months in Naples, Florida. The Emeritus Certification chronicled Tim's significant contributions to the University. He served as Chairman of the Senate Student Affairs Committee and as faculty representative to the Joint Commission on Student Rights in the turbulent late 1960's. He was Chairman of the Faculty Senate; twice served as faculty representative to the Board of Trustees; was twice elected to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate; served on the Ohio Faculty Senate, the University Committee on Academic Personnel, the Coordinating Committee for North Central Accreditation, the Board of Regents Committee on Academic Issues, the search committees for Vice President of Academic Affairs and College Dean, the Faculty Research Awards and Blue Ribbon Committee on Salary Differentials, the Faculty Leadership Group, and numerous other Senate and college committees.

In addition to extensive service to the University of Toledo, Tim has also co-authored eight textbooks on high school and college level consumer and business math; high school general math; and college level statistics. He is a member of countless professional organizations, including the Textbook Authors Association, Mathematical Association of America and American Association of Independent Investors. As one would expect, Tim has been a much sought-after presenter, on the topic of mathematics, at education conferences.

Tim is married to Irene, a Clay High School graduate, who has enjoyed a successful career in occupational therapy. His daughter, Elizabeth, is Vice-President and Chief Counsel for Nickelodeon in New York City. His son, Gregory, is Senior Vice-President at New Covenant Trust Company in Louisville, Kentucky. The accomplished Rousos family includes four "beautiful, wonderful, intelligent granddaughters."

Tim enjoys his "semi-retirement" fishing for walleye and perch in Western Lake Erie with good friends and colleagues. He relishes fishing for grouper in Florida; golfing in the summer; playing tennis in the winter; biking; walking the beach; and swimming at the Student Rec Center at the University of Toledo.

Tim was surprised by his election to the Woodward High School Hall of Fame. "I had only spent two years at Woodward. I am deeply honored-even more so when I look at the list of previous winners."

We are not surprised at Tim's election to the Hall of Fame. His dedication to education is heralded and stands as a superb example to both current students and alumni of Woodward High School.

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