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Carolyn Lake Yenrick          Inducted 1998 - Class of 1968

Carolyn Yenrick is a "doer." Her resume of professional accomplishments, service on committees, and community activities is exhaustive. But such a resume does not reflect her impact on the lives of the hundreds of students with whom she has interacted, as both teacher and administrator. A student describes Carolyn as "a fascinating woman with the potential to accomplish anything, the ability to help anyone, and the drive to do it all." That summarizes why Carolyn's induction into the WHS Hall of Fame is such a well-deserved honor.

Carolyn attended St. Hedwig's elementary school. She was raised in a home on Moore Street between Elm and Chestnut Streets. "The neighborhood was comprised of hard-working, blue collar laborers who maintained their property proudly. Homes were modest, well-kept and clean. The environment was comfortable, friendly and secure."

Carolyn had a wide circle of friends while attending Woodward. Her sister, Claudia, Cynthia

Kwiatkowski, Sherry Hobbs, Carol Duszynski, Eileen Burns, Val Helldobler, Sandy Wright, Barbara Belanski, Marty Weislak, Colette Kalisz, Gary Cates, Nancy Stack, Steve Woda, Ted Kaczorowski, Tom Zogaib, Betty Hafner, and Shanna Davis. Many of her friends communicated with one another by prefacing conversations with their last names (i.e., Hey, Lake... .).

Those who knew Carolyn as a WHS student noticed her strong work ethic and exceptional leadership skills. She was involved in numerous extracurricular activities. "Many important things happened to me while attending Woodward. Some of nicest things were being elected President of the Philalethean Literary Society; being inducted into the National Honor Society; and being named the recipient of the Senior Scholarship on Recognition Day." Carolyn was honored to be elected to the Homecoming Queen and Student Council Queen Courts and was also a Tattler Achievement Cup nominee.

Carolyn also has fond memories of Angelo's; sock hops; dances at the West Toledo Y; float construction parties (how many Kleenex tissue flowers went into those floats?!?); slumber parties in individual' s homes and at the North Toledo Community House; cruising McDonald's; the Booster Club; "Gus"; games and meets (JV and Varsity football , basketball, wrestling, baseball, cross-country, and track); the Extrav's and cast parties; the "big" Sandusky football game victory; and the Senior Banquet...just to name a few! I loved high school, and that is probably why I have never left!"

While a student at WHS, Carolyn's favorite teachers were Mr. Robert Geiss, Assistant Principal of Activities, who was "always good-natured and had a great sense of humor. He let student leaders 'run the show' with confidence. Miss Belle Joseph, who taught Algebra II, was a mastermind of mathematics and treated all students with respect. Mrs. Geraldine Gilmore, who taught English, challenged me to go above and beyond general assignments. Mrs. Marie Williamson, Phil Advisor, was an organized role model, whom I would later work under as a teacher. Mrs. Eileen Hudgin and Mrs. Jane Cox, Phil Advisors, and Mr. Jack Bolduan, Mr. Fred Cieslewski, Mrs. Patricia Crawford, and Mrs. Dorothy Wisely, Senior Class Advisors, all nurtured my leadership skills."

There were also several WHS staff members who had a great impact on Carolyn. "Mr. Daniel Duvendack and Mr. David McMurray played important roles in our formative years. Although I did not have them as teachers, they and others (Mr. Bounds, Mr. Robie, etc.) allowed us all to be typical teenagers. They listened, observed, interacted, and enjoyed school as much as I did. In later life, especially in my present position, the impact of my speech teacher, Mr. Marvin Traver, is prevalent. Mrs. Katherine MacKinnon' s contributions to special education are also meaningful." Carolyn has a history at Woodward both before and after her graduation in 1968. "My very favorite and most sentimental memory of Woodward is the day I returned to my Alma Mater to become a member of the teaching staff." After receiving her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toledo and teaching Special Education for one year at Waite High School, this "Polar Bear" returned to Woodward for 22 1/2 years, extending from 1973 to 1996.

Carolyn enjoyed various roles and held several positions while at Woodward. She taught Special Education for 14 years. In 1988, Carolyn took a position as Library Media Specialist and Audio-Visual Media Coordinator. During Carolyn' s 8 year tenure in the library, Woodward became the first Toledo Public School to be computerized.

While at Woodward, Carolyn continued her education, receiving her Master of Education degree in 1976 and Education Specialist degree in 1980 from the University of Toledo. She also took a 1-year sabbatical from teaching in 1981 and worked towards completion of all course work and examinations for a PhD at Indiana University, with a major in Instructional Systems Technology, and a minor in School Administration. Carolyn holds certifications in Elementary Education, Special Education, Media Specialist, and High School Principal.

Perhaps Carolyn's most important work has been acting as an advisor to many student organizations and activities, both at Woodward and Waite High Schools. She has been advisor to Student Council, Future Teachers of America, Cheerleading, SAGA, Philalethean Literary Society, Pep Club, Waite Class of 1974, and Woodward Class of 1977. She also has been a coordinator of Programs, Publicity and Tickets for Woodward Extrav's and coordinator of Shoe Bowl Cheerleading Squads. In her role as advisor, Carolyn "gave back what she had been given as a student at Woodward...the opportunity to develop leadership skills and realize how much Woodward has to offer, beyond academics."

Carolyn left WHS in 1994 to work as an Intern to the Assistant Principal of Activities at Start High School. She became Acting Assistant Principal at East Toledo Junior High in 1995. In March of 1996, Carolyn achieved a major goal. She was named Assistant Principal of Activities at Waite High School and continues in that role today.

Carolyn gives the label "workaholic" a good name. In addition to her work in teaching, media, library and administration, she has served in many other capacities, too numerous to mention. Other work experience includes Department Chairman of Special Education at WHS; instructor for severely retarded clients at the Northwest Ohio Development Center; Graduate Assistant in the College of Business at Indiana University; instructor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Toledo; and tutor preparing Woodward students for ACT tests. Carolyn has served on many committees, diverse in nature. Among them are the TPS History Textbook Selection and Adoption Committee; Woodward Academic Advisory Board; Steering Committee for WHS's 50th Anniversary; Education Symposium Committee; Program Chairman and Newsletter Editor for Phi Delta Kappa Education Honorary; WHS Hall of Fame Association, including chairmanship; WHS Building Committee; Library/Media Development Council; Start High School Sideliners Athletic Booster Club; "Waite Character Counts!" Team Coordinator; and Waite Proficiency Test Team.

Carolyn is also active in her community and in various "alumni-type” activities. She has worked on several TPS levy campaigns; is active in Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Alumnae Club; volunteers at the East Toledo Family Center; and is on the Oregon City Schools Strategic Planning group. Carolyn is also a member of/or sponsor to the University of Toledo Alumni Association, St. Hedwig's Church, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Zoological Society, Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society, Toledo Repertoire Theater, Toledo Ballet Association, Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Toledo Botanical Gardens, and COSI.

Carolyn is married to Dave Yenrick, Principal of Waite High School. They have one daughter, Katherine Jane, age 12, who is in the 6th grade. Despite her hectic schedule, she always finds time for family activities and fun. "Both my husband and I enjoy being our daughter's cheerleader and supporter. We enjoy watching her play competitive softball and basketball and travel with the teams when they go on the road for tournaments. We also indulge time and money into her baton twirling and ballet endeavors. By the nature of our jobs, our family also enjoys watching and cheering high school athletic teams. When time and our school schedules permit, we enjoy traveling. Family time is important!"

Carolyn confessed she felt awkward when her election into the WHS Hall of Fame was confirmed, and she still does. "Needless to say, I am VERY honored and humbled...I was very moved by what my nominator wrote about me!"

Carolyn has been nominated to the Hall of Fame in the past, but declined those nominations because she did not feel deserving. We are glad that she has finally accepted. To quote her nominator..."Ever since Mrs. Yenrick attended Woodward as a student, she has worked diligently to assist in making it a better place for all "Polar Bears"... Her involvement and loyalty have lasted throughout her lifetime... She is definitely a role model for all of us! I believe that induction into the WHS Hall of Fame is a very appropriate way to say THANKS!"

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