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Lorraine Kwiatkowski         Inducted 1996 - Class of 1946

There are many ways to describe Lorraine Kwiatkowski: dedicated teacher. . .lifelong resident and supporter of the North End and Polish community...politically active...creative...enthusiastic...doer. Tonight, we can add another description: Woodward Hall of Fame Inductee.

Lorraine attended Parkland School and has always lived in the Woodward neighborhood. She has a Bachelor' s and Master's Degree from The University of Toledo. She is a life member of both the National and Ohio Education Associations and has been president of the Toledo Education Association.

In 1950, her teaching career began at Pickett School. She then transferred to Hamilton, where she taught under her former teacher, Margaret Oechsler. Lorraine credits Miss Oechsler with having a profound affect on her. "She planned many activities for the class to work on. She understood Junior High students." While attending The University of Toledo, Dr. Herbert Sandberg further

influenced Lorraine by helping her adopt a holistic approach to teaching.

Lorraine later transferred to Chase School, where she remains today as a 2nd grade teacher. She applies the skills and principles learned from her mentors to "make a difference." She enjoys teaching the 2nd grade because "the students are energetic and willing to try new ideas and activities."

Lorraine has come full circle as she has become a mentor to others. She has worked with student teachers and expresses gratification to hear of their success. Lorraine also brags about Chase School's excellent reputation and credits Principal Larry Jones. "He is the catalyst who makes things happen."

Lorraine sees a great change in the role schools now play in educating students. "When there is a breakdown in the fabric of the family, schools are required to take on more and more responsibilities, not only for educating children, but also for feeding them, counseling them, and teaching their parents how to be caring, supportive, and cooperative partners with the school."

Beyond her work as an educator, Lorraine has also been very active on the political scene. Pick up The Toledo Blade and you will often see her name associated with North Toledo projects and activities. Lorraine has served as Chairperson of the Democratic Fourth Ward, President of the Fourth Ward Club, and Precinct Chairperson. Lorraine is very proud of the entire North End community. "The neighborhood is changing, and the residents need to work together to resolve problems." On this topic, Lorraine "walks the talk." She is a tireless worker who has made contributions to make dreams become reality.

Lorraine currently is on the Board of the Central-Lagrange Center and The Ohio Theatre (Yes, it's still there!). She has been the scholarship chairperson for the Lagrange Business and Professional Women's Auxiliary. For the past 21 years, Lorraine has been on the Buckeye Basin Greenbelt Parkway Management Team. This project is unique in that it started with citizens, such as Lorraine, who went to their local officials asking for open space where their children could play. Despite years of frustration, the lobbying efforts may soon payoff, as North Toledoans eagerly await the day the construction begins.

Lorraine looks back on her years at WHS and remembers best friends Lucille Muszynski and Elizabeth Douglas Wagner. Other events remain fresh in her mind. "When I was a freshman, the football team defeated Waite 7-0. Most of us walked home over the Cherry Street Bridge. Principal Charles "Pop" LaRue held a special assembly and even gave us a free day. We didn't win anymore games that year, but beating the Waite Indians was really something!"

Lorraine's favorite teachers were Arnold Brown, math teacher and Athletic Director; Leo Robie, the Polish Club advisor; Raymond "Pop" Sheline, SAGA advisor; and English teacher Kathryn Sauler. She singles out being inducted into the National Honor Society, winning a Polish Club scholarship to UT, and being inducted into the Periclean Literary Society as important high school events.

When Lorraine has time for hobbies, she loves to "shop, shop, shop!" She also enjoys reading, gardening, making floral arrangements, creating crafts for her students to make, and caring for her 4 cats (all strays).

Lorraine has never married. She has a brother, a sister, and one niece. Two brothers died at an early age, and both of her parents are deceased.

When informed of her election to the WHS Hall of Fame, Lorraine expressed pride. "I am very happy that many people in the neighborhood have called, written, and spoken to me saying how proud they are that I was chosen. This makes me very happy."

Lorraine appreciates the support provided by her parents, family, and friends so that she could become a caring, enthusiastic, fair, knowledgeable, and, at times, humorous teacher. "I want to make a difference in a child's life so that he/she can enjoy success and enhance his/her self-esteem." With that in mind, each new school year presents me with a new challenge I eagerly await."

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