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Georg J. Fenady                   Inducted 1996 - Class of 1948

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past several decades, you have either read about, heard about, or been entertained by Georg Fenady's work. This successful Woodward grad has directed feature films, "Movies of the Week," and countless television programs. Georg has "rubbed elbows" with major film and television stars. Tonight, we applaud Georg for his many accomplishments.

It all began in Toledo, Ohio. Georg grew up in the North End, which he describes as "kind of lower middle class, but clean and very friendly!" he attended Lagrange Elementary School.

Georg remembers Woodward as being like a "second home to us for four years...a beautiful melting pot of humanity that got along so well together. We could use more of that lesson today!" Perhaps Woodward played a part in developing those people skills Georg later used so well in his directorial work with many famous (and infamous) personalities.

Ted Sahadi, Henry Roth, and Mel Sobecki were Georg's best friends at WHS. He recalls that his favorite teachers were "too many to name them all," but Hall of Famer Homer Hanham stands out. "He was a great human being and a great coach. Homer had an incredible set of scruples that he passed on to his students, as well as to those who played ball for him." Georg also singles out Mrs. Anderson, "a beautiful lady, with the patience of Job."

As a director, Georg's forte is dramas. Ironically, one of his favorite memories of Woodward was humorous, and related to a faculty member: "Joe Dence once wrote my excuse to get out of study hall on toilet paper!"

Georg's directorial resume is both impressive and lengthy. He directed two feature films for Paramount Pictures. Terror in the Wax Museum starred Ray Milland, Broderick Crawford, Elsa Lancaster, John Carradine, Louis Hayward, and Sir Maurice Evans. He also directed Arnold, featuring Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, Farley Granger, Shani Wallace, and Patric Knowles.

Georg teamed up with Irwin Allen Productions to direct several "Movies of the Week" for NBC TV. Georg directed Hanging by a Thread starring Patty Duke, Bert Convy, Donna Mills, and Cameron Mitchell; Cave In with Susan Sullivan, Leslie Nielsen, Ray Milland, Dennis Cole, James Olsen, and Lonny Chapman; and The Night the Bridge Fell Down featuring James MacArthur, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Barbara Rush, Leslie Nielsen, and Gregory Sierra. He also directed three Emergency specials and The Survivors, a two-hour special starring Lana Turner, George Hamilton, and Ralph Bellamy.

Georg's most recent television credits include a number of long-running series, including Life Goes On, Jake and the Fatman, The New Dragnet, The New Adam 12, Baywatch, and his most recent success story, Baywatch Nights. Georg's past credits include directing more than thirty episodes of two series: Emergency and Quincy, starring Jack Klugman. He has directed multiple episodes of Simon and Simon. . .Air wolf. . .T.J. Hooker. . .High Mountain Rangers. . Knightrider. ..Whiz Kids. . .Fall Guy. . .Manimal. . .Chips. . .Moving On B.J. and the Bear. . .Mission Impossible. . .Code Red Chase. ..Sierra Firehouse. . .Sarge.

In addition to meeting the many demands of a director, Georg also served as Associate Producer for twenty episodes of Combat and for eleven episodes of Garrison Guerrillas, including a two-hour special starring Richard Kiley.

Fans of television and Georg Fenady take heart! Many of the series which Georg directed were so popular that they can still be seen today in syndication or reruns.

Georg states that he is very honored to be inducted into the Woodward High School Hall of Fame. He will share that honor with his wife of 40 years, Katherine Matthews, who is also a Woodward graduate, Class of 1953. They have a son, John, and a daughter, Mary Georgea, who have given them two beautiful grandsons.

With tonight's induction, Georg and Andy become the first "brother team" to be named to the WHS Hall of Fame. Andy was inducted in 1986.

Although leisure time would seem to be in short supply, Georg spends it playing lots of racquetball, lifting a few weights, and doing a lot of running. As for hobbies, he says that ''I'm lucky in that my work is still fun for me."

Georg Fenady, Woodward's "Star Quality" director, has not revealed the actors or actresses with whom he has most enjoyed working. Those who are curious about this will have to corner Georg tonight. Surely, he has many incredible stories to share!

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