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Stanley H. Czerminski Jr.    Inducted 1996 - Class of 1970

Stan "Stahoo" Czerminski is the first Hall of Fame Inductee to be nominated by petition. Stan's nomination form was accompanied by 77 signatures of students, friends, administrators, and teachers. This strong support shows that Stan has not only touched the lives of many, but has also earned his place in the Hall of Fame through good old-fashioned hard work.

Stan grew up on Pearl Street in "Polish Town" and attended St. Hedwig, St. Adalbert, and Hamilton Schools. He remembers the neighborhood as a close knit Polish community composed of factory workers, lots of gardens, fruit trees, not many cars, and corner grocery stores.

Stan had many friends at Woodward: Gary Wolniewicz, Carl Murawski, Tom Meacham, Rita Szymanski, Barb Henderson, Cyndi Kwiatkowski, Carolyn Lake, Claudia Lake, Kathy Szymanski, Debbie Kusina, Mary Ann Skowron, Joann Wilson, Bonnie Johnson, Dennis Malaska, and Kathy Nalodka. As a student, Stan cites Carolyn Lake Yenrick, Cyndi Kwiatkowski Grow, and Carol

Duszynski Farmer as peers who "steered me in the proper direction."

There was no shortage of teachers and individuals whom Stan praises as his favorites and most influential. "Jack Bolduan ran a strict class and was very fair and intelligent. Jim Bounds made government understandable and taught me the importance of politics. Eileen Hudgin told me to study or I will dig ditches (guess what, Mrs. Hudgin, I dig sewers, too!). Dennis Laubenthal made drafting fun. Belle Joseph was smart, helpful, and had very high standards. Dave McMurray expounded the virtues of my extremely conservative views in life. Leo Robie and Bob Geis took a special interest in me. My friends, fellow students, teachers, administrators, and bosses have all been instrumental in molding me into who I am today."

Stan singles out teacher Dan Duvendack as having the most profound affect on him. "Dan was my mentor, taught me about life and how to deal with situations. He started me down the path to becoming a successful photographer." Tonight, Dan Duvendack acts as emcee for tonight's induction.

Stan also praises his family and thanks them for all they have done. "Any goals or accomplishments in my life would not have been possible without the strict family values plan of my parents."

Stan's cherished memories at Woodward include the responsibilities he had as a SAGA photographer. "SAGA taught me to strive for perfection." Stan was also a member of the Boosters, Spanish Club, and Aequatatis Literary Society. SAGA Christmas parties, featuring Polish kielbasa, were second to none. Stan holds the record for the most "whacks" of any individual to ever attend WHS.. .364 in 4 years.

After graduating from WHS, it was not unusual for Stan to hold down more than one job at a time. He established his own photography business in 1970 and has photographed 914 weddings. Stan has also worked for the City of Toledo for 23 years and is currently an operating engineer.

Despite Stan's busy professional life, old Woodward High did not fade into his past. He has given much back to Woodward. Stan was one of the Founding Fathers of the WHS Hall of Fame Association and served as Chairman from 1986 until 1992. As an active "Band Aide" since 1982, he has acted as fund raiser, car wash organizer, medic, photographer, billboard painter, chaperone, and pop/water boy. You name it, he's done it. Stan has accompanied the Band flag girls and majorettes to a Governor's Inauguration, the World's Fair opening in Brisbane, Australia, 4th of July Ceremonies in Washington, D.C., and countless Holiday Bowl Games.

Not forgetting his strong ties to the SAGA, after graduation, Stan remained active as a photographer. He also served as a cheerleading advisor, chaperone for various club field trips, and chairman of his class' 10 year reunion.

In 1987, Stan was awarded the "Silver Slate Award" by the Toledo Board of Education for outstanding service and leadership to the public schools.

Stan's hobbies include collecting coins and paper money error notes, hunting, target shooting, and fishing. He is active in The Old Newsboys Goodfellows Association as photographer and plays trumpet for the Polish-American Concert Band. "Being Polish, I still love polka music...happy music for happy people."

Stan loves to travel and is "into" cruises. He has been on 10 cruises and plans to cruise the Mediterranean this year. Upon retirement from the City of Toledo, Stan's plans include becoming a photographer on a cruise ship.

Stan is a confirmed bachelor, but has 2 godchildren. We can also count among his "kids" the many Woodward students for whom he has been a supporter and role model!

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