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David F. Wynn                      Inducted 1995 - Class of 1943

Professional accomplishments

* Current chairperson of the operations committee and secretary of the Board of Directors of the

   newly created Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County, Florida

* Completing third year as director of the Drop-out Prevention Program of the Big Brothers/Big

   Sisters of St. Lucie County

* Current member of the Advisory Board of The Center for Youth Development of the Academy for

   Educational Development , Washington, D.C.

* Retired in 1988 as a member of the national staff of Boys Clubs of America. Became known as the

   "dean" of program development. His extraordinary leadership, outstanding performance,

   professionalism and creativity have had a profound impact on millions of the nation's

   disadvantaged youth.

* Executive director of the fund for the Advancement of Camping, a national research and program

   development organization based in Chicago, from 1975 to 1977

* Assistant, associate and director of program services for Boys Clubs of America from 1961 to 1975

* Executive director of Shadyside Boys Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from 1954 to 1961

* Program Director for the Boys Club of Atlanta, Georgia, from 1951 to 1954

* Actively involved in the creation of The National Association of Keystone Clubs, a citizenship and leadership development


* Created National Fine Arts Exhibit Program, Discovery Reading Program and The National Association Torch Clubs Personal


* Certified Boys Club professional

* Attended graduate school at New York University for Boys Club administration

* Bachelor of Arts, the University of Toledo

* US Coast Guard during World War II

Greatest crossroad

"AII together, I spent five Summers at Camp Big Silver and based on that experience, and the example of Homer Hanham, I decided to make Boys Club work my career. Homer and I remained friends throughout his life time."


Family ties

*  Married to Linda for six years

*  Four children, Rachel, Chris, Becky and Matt from first marriage

*  Five grandchildren

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