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Genevieve Filipczak Dokurno Inducted 1995 - Class of 1937

Professional accomplishments

* Retired in December 1994 as manager of Northwood Villa

* Former manager of now-defunct Northwood Inn

* 1987 Golden Service Award presented by N.W. Restaurant Association for highest achievement

* Restaurant Association Award of Excellence 1981, 1982 and 1984

* Diners Club Meritorious Service Award

* Purchased second restaurant, Dixie Villa in 1955

* Purchased first restaurant, Northwood Inn in 1945

* Supervisor of obstetrics at St. Vincent Medical Center from 1940 to 1945

Personal achievements

* 1986 St. Vincent Medical Center Guild Woman of the Year

* Served on Board of Trustees for Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce from 1983 to 1985

* Featured culinary expert for The 1982 TOLEDO BLADE Food Fair

* Took pride in hiring high school students to work in her restaurants and encouraged the young people to save for their higher


* Kept the restaurants going by Iearning to fill in as cook, baker, nutritional researcher, waitress, bartender, bookkeeper,

   secretary, typesetter and cashier Registered Nurse degree from St. Vincent School or Nursing, 1940


Greatest crossroad

"When my husband, Edwin, died 39 years ago, I had two young children to raise and two businesses to run. I had to choose between keeping the restaurants or returning to my former career as a nurse. My two wonderful parents said 'Whatever you do, we will help raise the children' With

the assistance of my  parents, I decided to take the challenge and run the businesses."


Family ties

* Born in her family's home, which was located where Woodward High School stands today

* Graduated from Woodward in 1937 after taking a year off to care for her  grandmother, who was a mother of 12 dying of


* Widowed in 1956

* Daughter, Mary Margaret

* Son, Edwin Michael

* Five grandchildren

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