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Ruth Kronmann Holzshuh  Inducted 1992 - Class of 1957

Her favorite WHS memories include winning the TATTLER Achievement Cup, traveling on the Senior Trip, working on the SAGA, and being a cheerleader. "Even though Jim Zak kiddingly told me I'd never make it without a 'ski ' at the end of my name!"

This is one aspect that sets Woodward apart from other area high schools. It didn't matter, and still doesn't, what street you lived on, what your family did, or what your last name was. Woodward's environment encouraged everyone to do their best without placing superficial barriers in their way.

Perhaps this non-prejudicial ideal helped build Ruth's foundation for her future career working with students with behavioral disorders.

As a student at WHS, Ruth also found that Woodward was a perfect breeding ground for young leaders. Her senior directory took up half a column in the 1957 SAGA! She was involved in every

organization and activity imaginable from the bowling team, Peris, Y Teens, Junior Council on World Affairs to Choraliers, Extravaganza, Booster Club, National Honor Society, and Future Teachers of America...just to name a few. Ruth also held leadership positions in many of the clubs and organizations.

She said being a cheerleader was most fun. "I loved the games, the pep rallies...screaming our lungs out even though I don't recall us winning much. There were always sock hops after the games where we'd have so much fun. dancing to the big hit records." At the hop, the Class of 1957 rocked and rolled to hits like Elvis' "Don't be Cruel" and "Heartbreak Hotel," "Memories are Made of This" and "Rock 'n Roll Waltz."

Although the sock hops were a blast, Ruth emphasized it was a pleasure just to go to school. "It was always exciting to go. I would get there early, meet my girlfriends (often trade clothes in the bathroom so we could all wear something different), and walk the halls to see people. There was such a positive atmosphere at school from friends to teachers. I never wanted to miss a day."

Some of Ruth's hall-walking buddies were Dorothy Vierling Koziarski, Linda Robson Tolerton, Melva Gossert Plocek, Julie Spencer Hess, Beverly Kosch Leverenz, and Sonia Stevenson Bass.

Her favorite teachers were Jim Wilusz, Jim Foltz, Darrell Clay, and Hannah Shaw. The instructor who had a profound effect on Ruth was Bianca Russell. "Until I had her for freshman Algebra, I never considered myself anything but a very average student. She urged me to work independently to complete the math book ahead of others, then work independently on additional material, and compete in math contests at BGSU."

After Ruth graduated from WHS, she attended Bowling Green State University. In 1961, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education with majors in math and English with a minor in speech.

Her first job was a computer assistant at the University Test Service at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. In the early 1960s, Ruth was a junior high and substitute teacher. Throughout the early 70s, she worked as a preschool teacher, an educational consultant, and a learning center teacher.

Upon completing her Master of Science degree with honors from the University of Kansas, Ruth concentrated on special education. From 1979 to 1990, she worked as a learning specialist in behavior disorders. The educator supervised and supported the secondary resource programs for behavior disordered and autistic students.

For two years, she has been the special education coordinator for the Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas. She is responsible for supervising a diagnostic staff of psychologists, social workers, and learning and behavioral specialists.

Ruth has also implemented and developed many texts and curricula dealing with behavioral disorders and autism. Some of her programs have involved mainstreaming special education students into the regular classroom. In her spare time, Ruth likes to play bridge, cook non-mundane meals, and read. Her background as a cheerleader also comes in handy. Now she screams her lungs out for the Kansas City Royals!

She has been married for thirty years to Ronald Holzschuh, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice. They have three children, Andrea, Rhonda, and Roarke.

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