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Jack W. Renz                         Inducted 1990 - Class of 1952

"Buy a paper, mister!"

Jack W. Renz answered this call sixteen years ago and became involved in the Old Newsboys Association that helps purchase clothes and food for the needy. He advanced through various chairmanships and served as president from 1984 to 1985. Currently, he is a member of the association's Financial Advisory Board. He has been among the top ten fundraisers for the past ten years. Jack has raised approximately $40,000 for the Old Newsboys. Now that's a lot of papers, mister!

Fundraising is in Jack's blood. Ironically as a freshman and senior at Woodward, he was the top magazine salesman. As a student from 1948 to 1952, Jack participated in many activities. Jack had a starring role in the extravaganza his senior year. In fact, he acted with classmate and future entertainer, Jamie Farr. Jack was also a nominee for the Tattler Achievement Cup his senior year.

While at Woodward, Jack was a member of the Hi-Y Club, Engineering Society and the United Nations Club. He was the vice president of his senior class. As a loyal member of the class of 1952, he has been the chairman of its past three reunions.

Jack said he would consider his whole graduating class a big group of friends. Some favorite classmates include Paul White, Bob Tillotson, Marvin Stein, Larry Shafer, Larry Surgeson, Al Studer, Paul Reynolds and Jamie Farr. Three teachers who influenced Jack were S.B. Crouse, Henry Fernside and Belle Joseph. Jack said, "They made a lasting impression on me and were excellent teachers and individuals."

Another impression Woodward left on Jack was the ethnic mix of the student body and the school's surrounding area. He lived on Mulberry in between Yates and Noble. The area was a melting pot of nationalities. A block to the south was a Jewish synagogue. A Black Baptist church was found to the north. One block east of Jack's home was a German Lutheran church. To add to the mixture, Jack had Greek neighbors. Jack especially appreciated this diversity found at Woodward. "The opportunity to have been exposed to so many different ethnic backgrounds at one time could have only happened at Woodward."

Maybe that is why Jack is so accustomed to working with a variety of people in community activities. From 1965 to 1968, he was the chairman for the Hi Moms Programs. In 1972, he was the vice chairman for the Crusade of Mercy for Ohio Bell Telephone. He advanced to chairman the following year. Currently President of the German American Federation Society, Inc., he has also served as the chairman of many committees within the organization. In 1986 and 1987, he was the chairman of the German American Festival. Jack is a 32nd Degree Mason and is actively affiliated with the Toledo Zoological Society and the Toledo Museum of Art.

Since 1952, Jack has been employed at Ohio Bell Telephone Company. Currently, Jack is the Assistant Manager of Ohio Bell Public Coin Service for the 419 Area Code. He has held this position for four years. Formerly, Jack was the President of the Communications Workers of American Local 4319. He also served on the Executive Board of the AFL-CIO from 1965 to 1971.

He and his wife Caroline have two children, Jack D. and Laurie L.

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