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Dr. Sarah J. Ramirez             Inducted 2024 - School Counselor


Sarah taught German before becoming a counselor at Woodward 25 years ago (then Sarah Barman). JoAnn Scott, the former counselor and assistant principal, became a great mentor to her. Sarah’s undergraduate and graduate degees in education are from The University of Toledo. Her Doctorate in Education is from The University of Findlay, where she was elected to Phi Kappa Phi. Her dissertation title is: Student Mobility: Former Students’ Perspectives and Mitigation Strategies. As an award-winning Guidance Director, she has multiple duties, but goes above and beyond to work on many things for the school. She is a Lifetime Member of The Old Newsboys, served on its Executive Board, and became its President. She serves on school and alumni committees, including SMART Student Advisor, the Sock Hop, and an officer of the W HS Hall of Fame.


In her spare time, Sarah enjoys riding her horse, Rebel, practicing Yoga and Meditation. Her husband is Woodward’s former Principal, and Hall of Fame Member, Emilio Ramirez. She has two daughters: Larissa (Michael) Rochester and Melinda Barman; a stepdaughter, Tiffany Cathers, and three grandsons.

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