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Richard B. Murphy              Inducted 2014 - Class of 1960

Born in Point Place almost mid-way between the Ottawa and Maumee Rivers on 122nd street, Richard attended Kleis Elementary and Point Place Junior High through the eighth grade. With the 1956 neighborhood school realignment in its final stages, Point Place was permanently welcomed into the family as part of the Woodward district as Richard and his buddies became Polar Bears in the fall of 1956.

Richard's friends: Jack Abrams, Ray Brandeberry, Mike Duhaime, Jeff Kahn, Brenda Bridges, Bob Burggraf, Hazel Dehabet, JoAnn Dilgart, Dave Frueauf, Don Kornowa, Bill Lingnell, Janet Mohon, Ken Oehlers, and Tom Hauenstein joined Richard as they entered the tiled halls of Woodward High School.

Richard credits Mr. Robert Geis with putting up with his antics, Mr. Don Martin as being one of the fairest persons that he has known, Miss Netter for her algebra skills, and Mr. "Jocko' Gordon for

being tough. Special thanks to Miss Kellermeier for placing Butch Komives next to him in English class, and Mr. Gfell for giving him the confidence to do something if he would just try. If, after lettering in football and track four years straight wasn't enough to occupy his spare time, during his junior year, Richard joined Woodward's first wrestling team in 1959. In 1960, Woodward's wrestling team would travel to the State Championships in Columbus with Richard representing his weight class.

After graduating from Woodward, Richard spent two years with the United States Navy and three years working for Libbey Owens Ford, before joining the Oregon, Ohio, police force in 1967. With years of experience as a police officer, Richard was finally accepted into the Toledo Police force in1973 after serving a two year stint as a Lucas County Sheriff Deputy. Richard was promoted to sergeant in 1979 and was the Public Information Officer of the department for two years before retiring in 2008.

During Richard's years as a police officer, he found the time to volunteer for the North Toledo Old Timers, Epilepsy, Give Autism the Boot, and was an Alderman for Messiah Lutheran Church. Supported in all of his activities by his wife, Patricia Ann, they have two daughters, three grandchildren, and five step-grandchildren.

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